I found my new house, really. I have been using e-text-editor on windows and Textmate on OSX for nearly 3 years and never really saw any contender to them. I tried aptana 3, too slow, no textmate bundle, buggy jquery snippets, in the end I still went back. My 2 favorites both support tm bundles, there fast, E had split view and some nice features like command lines via cygwin.. But where is my textmate 2? Nobody knows, I heard the author went to work on the Espresso editor, it did not impress me, but fortunately now Sublime 2 is here to take the place of Textmate 2.

Sublime text 2, the new holy grail of editing

Okay, I know VIM is powerful (hello sys admins :P) and Emacs got a weird following but here we got a game changer. It got the snippets power of textmate (all tm bundle works, mostly), the extensibility of VIM and the split view of E, all in a nice package, available on Windows, OSX and Linus. Meaning you will never have to fear coding on any platform. A part maybe from your web server.

Obviously I am excited, I moved my tm bundles and started playing around with it but it is too soon to tell if the relation will last. If you want some tips and tricks on using Sublime 2 I recommend having a look at this article on nettuts.

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  1. So I’m on your site to read up on your validation library, and decide to browse around. …glad I did. You sir, are my hero for this Sunday morning. I’ve been going back and forth in editors for awhile now, usually landing back at TextMate. But within in a few minutes of using this, wow, just wow.

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