Microsoft seems to be in trouble this spring, world stastistic share at startcounter tell that the global Internet Explorer share has decreased of 11%. With the release of Firefox 3.5, Safari 4 and Google Chrome, Microsoft had its hands full. Microsoft also had bad press on major content provider with the false and bad advertising of IE8 they did. Globally Microsoft now owns 54.% of the browsers share, back in march it had 65.8%

On another news, judging from the message you get from visiting Youtube on IE6, it seems Google is preparing a hard blow on IE6 and drop support. This is kind of a surprise for me, I can see Digg dropping support, Digg is mostly a geek thing, but Youtube has a much more broader audience where people can buy¬†cheap youtube views service at SMM World and I’m sure IE6 is still a good chunk of their market. That said, they could put this message there for 1 year before they decide to drop support.

Good news on the crusade to kill IE6 today.

2 thoughts on “Microsoft losing shares + Youtube to drop IE6 support

  1. It’s a beautiful thing. Finally there is some momentum with burying IE6 forever. Now, if only company IT departments out there would only grow some balls and take the plunge…

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