One week ago I launched my first product, Weddingdeck, an online whitelabel wedding planner. I only tried to make noise in the tech community as this is a MVP and it was quite a small launch. I felt I needed a more complete product before really contacting every wedding magazines on earth, but let’s check the numbers!

The app

120 subscriptions

The website

1,071 Visits
969 Unique Visitors
2,577 Pageviews
2.41 Pages/Visit
00:01:19 Avg. Time on Site
53.13% Bounce Rate
90.29% % New Visits

Sources 204 109 71 60 51
google 50 50 29 16 7 6

Reddit, WIN!

Reddit can be very valuable in any market , it’s easy to get on the top and you can target a very specific audience. I posted in /r/wedding and got a tons of comments from it. I am very happy with that strategy. I also posted in /r/startup but that dit not work as well..

Chrome Store, EPIC WIN!

You would not think it would make a big difference but it does. I got 25 new accounts from the Chrome Store just by being in it, no ads. That’s 1/5 of my current accounts. It also helps that adding your web app on the Chrome Store is very easy. The Chrome Store could be a big part of the future for WeddingDeck.

Blog, backboneFU, twitter, kind of WIN!

Obviously I leveraged my network to get my launch a bit of attention, it certainly worked but unfortunately you are not really the target for this app. While some of you created an account, I imagine it’s more to check how well I did than for managing your wedding ;).

Betabait, WIN?

A new free service that find you beta testers, I was surprised it worked so well, from the 50 that visited my website some 30+ created an account, nice!

Startup blogs, mostly FAIL!

Like any good founder I contacted a big list of startup websites, and I went right into the 300+ emails queue to be read. I wanted to thank Tech cocktail for publishing a nice article however. I might also get something on a local startup blog.

Hacker News, FAIL!

I tried to make some momentum on Hacker news, I finally got 9 votes and never made it to the front-page, at least I tried…


That was my report for the first week! I hope to blog more about my first experience into entrepreneurship when it makes sense, see you at the one month mark for more stats!

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