Let’s face it, writing release notes is painful. This plugin aims to takes the hard work out, it connects directly with your GitHub repository and mashes up some release notes for you using your milestones, issues and comments. It comes with a website but can be plugged anywhere.

I always wanted to be open about the weddingdeck development and one way to do that was to have a release notes page. However since I am alone in this adventure and I really did not have the time to update the release notes each week. I wanted something automatic that would pull directly from my github milestones and the idea flourished from there.

Download the source code View demo

** The demo use weddingdeck private repo.

The features:

  • Fetch repository milestones, associated issues, labels and comments.
  • Sort issues by labels
  • Handle public repos via ajax with jsonp
  • Handle private repos via a php bridge (php is required for private repositories)
  • Toggle issues description
  • Toggle comments
  • Come with a default one page website template
  • Can be plugged into any existing website

The idea was to sell it on the Envato Marketplace because I needed some cash flow into WeddingDeck for ads and other stuff. Unfortunately it has been rejected because it does not meet the highest technical standards without anymore informations.

Since this was only a test with Envato and I did not expect to get more than a couple hundreds I decided to *fuck it* and open source it under MIT.

However, if you decide to use it in production, buying me a good pint of beer would be strongly appreciated (cost about 8 bucks here in Montreal).

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