Phono is a jquery plugin that you can use to make phone call within the browser. The server is in the cloud, and it use flash to actually use the microphone. There is also a java applet in the way, and they hope to use html5 later, if html5 get an microphone implementation.

Really easy to use:

var phono = $.phono({
        onReady: function() {
          $("#call").attr("disabled", false).val("Call");
$("#call").click(function() {
        $("#call").attr("disabled", true).val("Busy");"985-655-2500", {
          onRing: function() {
          onAnswer: function() {
          onHangup: function() {
            $("#call").attr("disabled", false).val("Call");

Could be pretty cool for games, implementing chatrooom, etc, and doing mashup technologies, like bridging file transfer and skype for example.

Best part, the plugin is open source, and it seems it’s free?

The slides

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One thought on “#jqcon – $.Phono() looks hot!

  1. Great plugin, just needed this functionality but when trying to make international call via their homepage demo – it did not worked.

    Will need to follow documentation closely ­čÖé

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