Hi guys,

I am having a problem with triggering focusout event with the new jQuery 1.4.3. As of right now, I am not really sure why this is happening and the 1.4.3 bugs are not really out.

This bug is only affecting the inline validation, your older site validations will still work when the user submit the form.

I will probably land a patch today, if you are using the validation engine stick with 1.4.2 or change liveEvent to false when you are instancing the plugin.

Update: The problem is only occurring in Firefox, it seems like this is a jQuery bug, but I am not sure right now, I will have to investigate more later today..

3 thoughts on “Form Validation Engine 1.7 is partially broken with jQuery 1.4.3

  1. Hi Cedric,

    I have a problem with this jquery validation engine, its really nice and very effective. the problem is I’m using master page and using user controls so when I create page I may need to use more than one user control in child page. so my problem is I want to validate those user controls (in other words, some specific area (can be div or html table) separately when there buttons are clicked…

    Please help…

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