Jira influence over Agile project management tools is undeniable. It’s old, big, has lots of add-ons and a mountain of configurations that your big tech department management will love. However one thing Jira never seems to get it right is the UI. The web interface tends to be slow and convoluted, it’s not great either at giving stakeholders an easy overview of their projects.

Now one thing I always prone in agile development is transparency, I want stakeholders/key people to understand the decisions taken in a sprint. One big part of that is the sprint release notes. Release notes provide the headlines of what have been built in the sprint.

However for those who want more information without talking directly to the scrum team, there is always Jira where they can see exactly what happened. Unfortunately, when you are not familiar with the tool, logging into this thing and finding what you want can be daunting. So much, that JIRA over the years has become an impediment many times in my relationships with external parties and the scrum teams.

I often wished there was a simpler way than sitting next to stakeholders explaining the Jira UI, where they need to navigate to see the part that interest them the most. That is why I built an app just for that. It’s a simpler way of looking back at your closed sprint.

The goal is simple, have an overview of closed sprints for scrum projects that makes sense. It gives you just the right amount of details so you can extract that information your looking for rapidly.

And you can download it here.