Recently saw 2 developments on web mobile frameworks that really got my attention.

jQuery Mobile

First, jQuery mobile just entered Beta3. Lots of bugfixes but also one cool thing that has been baking for a while, real fixed footers and headers are available in the framework. Before that, jQuery fixed stuff was just a gimmick with the fixed bars disappearing when scrolling, now you got the real deal, well sort of. It’s unfortunately only available for ios5, meaning not a big lot of people will see it.

Android does not really support fixed positioning yet, it however supports overflow:scrolltouch. But it seems the jQ teams decided to only implement position:fixed for everybody. There is a nice video of the feature here.

Sencha Touch

Sencha kind of went off the radar for sometimes now, but they just announced something really hot. Sencha Touch version 2 will include a native packaging that will automatically transform your web apps into native apps on android and ios, on osx and windows.

Now I don’t know if they really went there and added ios app native packaging on Windows, but that would be legend… wait for it… wait for it… legendary! More information here.

3 thoughts on “Update on mobile web frameworks

  1. Hi Cedric, how i can send you slovak translation (jquery.validationEngine-sk) for your jQuery.validationEngine ?
    p.s.: vrong place, but i dont know your email adress ­čÖé

  2. Hey Cedric

    Just finishing my first mobile site using Jquery mobile. It is a great framework for quickly developing a mobile website. Use it as a skeleton for design and just add your own functionality.

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