This is the first of a series of small tips on jQuery and CSS. Sometimes there are effects you want to achieve or you have a small bug that should not be there, that is what my tips are aiming at.

Easing with jQuery as always been spotty, you first try to add easings with your animate effect, and… you are not really sure if it is working because there is no apparent error. Beside the default setting, you need a plug-in or jQuery UI to use other easings. The catch is, it is kind of hard to find this information, you have to look in the effects documentation at the bottom end.

The jquery UI core is about 115kb and can be found here (you also get all kinds of fuzzy effects), you can get the official easing plug-in here for 7.5kb.

If you are trying to decide which easing to use, this page has a nice way to show each easing effects with a curve.

One thought on “Tips #1: jQuery easings comes with the jQuery UI effects core.

  1. Cool, lots of people use easing. It just makes sense. And I love that visualised easing demo. Thats brilliant ­čÖé

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