I recently found an old article (3 months old) I did not read about IE9 progress.

There are some good news in it, first the javascript engine has been improved a lot. It is now comparable to others modern browsers (just a bit slower). Also, somewhat good news for CSS3 compliance, border-radius will be in IE9 and some other tweaks too. No word on border-shadow yet.

chart of IE, FF, Chrome and Safari performance of Sunspider test.

It is worth the read, of course we will know more in 1 week, at MIX2010.

3 thoughts on “State of Internet Explorer 9 progress

  1. I think its great that the IE9 team is making such head way but its all moot unless Microsoft finds a way to get current users to upgrade their IE7 or even IE6 versions to something current. 60% of IE users running a 10+ year old browser completely defeats any progress made in an “in development” product.

  2. Agreed; until Microsoft starts taking a more active role in pushing updates to people, I’m not really all that interested in what they’re doing with the *next* version of IE.

  3. IE should adopt Webkit and do us all a favour! That would put all major browsers from the same underlying code base and all of the benefits that would bring..

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