When I heard that Signals37 was launching another book, the first thing I did is run to the local Chapster to get it.

If you do not know Signals37, you probably know one of their online product, like Basecamp (psssstt they also created ruby on rails). These guys have pretty strong opinions on how a business should be run and their view is really refreshing. This is not your typical business book, this is about 3 guys who wanted to get things done, that didn’t want to grow to much and not accept venture capitals.


This book is for you guys that are doing web apps late at night and you the freelancer and you the small web business owner. You can feel between the pages that their working philosophy as been earned. To give you a small example, on the back cover you can read meeting are toxics and fire the workaholic, you learn in the book how they came to such resolutions (if you have the book on your desk at the office this might attract the eyes of your coworker by the way ­čśë )

* That being said, I do not necessarily agree with all they said in the past. For example, they think a designer should also be a front-end developer and be able to integrate his own design. But even if at the end you do not agree with how they think, at least you will have learned that there is other ways of doing business.

The trailers (yes the book have some youtube trailers):