UX-Booth is a young blog that writes articles about web usability. In fact they have been online for approximately the same time as the last design of Position-Absolute (But are a lot more successful :P). If your looking for a website to get the best usability articles and tools, this is the site to go.

They also gave free UX round up to websites in the past. If you dig up the blog a bit, you can find plenty of very good resources and tips to make your websites better. They also have a good community resources section where they’re linking the best articles around the web.

UX-Booth, if you need a one stop website for UX, this shall be the one.

In other news, I am currently continuing my exploration of CSS abstraction and will be doing a little introduction to xCSS this week.

I am also trying to get out a new version of my form Engine validation, with the last changes of Francois and incorporate a small debug mode. I know some of you guys find it painful to incorporate the engine to your website, so I hope the debug mode will help you point out where you fucked up :P.