Microsoft Australia launched a new contest with the grand prize of 10,000 dollars. You have to find clues around the web of where the cash is hidden, but of course, to find the cash you need IE8. Not only you need IE (like this wasn’t enough), but depending on the browser your using the ad will insult you. Stuff like boring Safari, tarnished Chrome and old Firefox will appear.

I should point out that they use some states of the art Photoshop effects (lots of bevel).

See by yourself, or check the screenshots below.

Update: Seems like they’ve taken out the contest, some users can’t see the page anymore.

8 thoughts on “Microsoft launches a new contest that insults your browser

  1. It’s obviously a joke. See, it says “upgrade” your browser to IE8. Even MS knows that’s laughable. 😀

  2. HaHa. Gotta laugh right. that’s no photoshop, they used expressions to design that wicked site? Even touched up their twitter page.

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