I would like to start with a quote from Microsoft on web standards browsers comparison:
It’s a tie. Internet Explorer 8 passes more of the World Wide Web Consortium’s CSS 2.1 test cases than any other browser

Now that’s just a start, Microsoft has put online a nice chart comparison proving that Microsoft has a better browser than anyone else. IE8 is a step up, but they are really going a very, very, very long stretch with this.

See it by yourself right there.

8 thoughts on “Microsoft is on fire this week, a non-biased browsers chart

  1. They claim a “tie” for web standards support but then only mention CSS2.1 while failing to mention they don’t support XHTML served as XHTML at all, or SVG and are 11 years behind in DOM support among other things.

  2. @Rob yea I don’t think they are lying once, they just turn around everything to make them look good.

  3. My company just removed IE from the list of supported browsers for our most heavily used internal app. ­čÖé FU, MS.

  4. Microsoft simply convolutes all the data to swing it in their favor.

    In Security, for example, IE does have more notices, toolbars, preferences, popup boxes, etc. related to security, which is all they’re saying in that field. What they don’t mention is that Firefox and Chrome actually natively DISALLOWS malware to run, whereas IE natively ALLOWS malware to run (ActiveX). All the security measures in IE are there to add a layer of protection over their poorly designed codebase.

    Reliability is based on what’s available to you once there’s ALREADY a problem (the tab/browser has crashed). It says nothing about how often that event happens. Firefox and Chrome are more stable overall than IE.

    And performance! What a joke. You don’t need stop motion video to see the difference. I’d say that Firefox 3.0 and IE8 are virtually tied in page load time, but Firefox 3.5 RC renders a page near instantly. Chrome is also noticeably faster than IE. Note that: *noticeably*. And, Safari 4.0, which didn’t make it to the list blows everyone else out of the water. In fact, in speed test after speed test since IE8’s release it has *consistently* underperformed compared to all competitors. Yeah, some tie there.

  5. the only real advantage i see in this chart is “Manageability”. this is clearly a win for microsoft.

    concerning the “Reliability”… ie8 just crashed today

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