I just published the last changes on my form validation engine, there has been a lot of comments on how my engine was breaking in some frameworks. This has been corrected, it should work in every framework out there including the .net framework. I use now Ids and reduced the name attribute use to a minimum. Unfortunately, this means I broke compatibility with the older versions, if you update, remember that you need the ID attribute on every form element you validate!

I would really appreciate feedbacks on .net integration.

There is also a new feature, a new setting allow you to choose between inline or on submit validation with this simple line: inlineValidation: true,
Some of you guys were finding the inline validation too invasive, you can now validate on submit only!

This feature is explained in the customization section, in the project page.

UPDATE: This version break compatibility with the older versions, I would suggest to be very careful if you are updating, you need an id attribut on every input you validate!

7 thoughts on “jQuery form engine validation version 1.3 is live

  1. Hi, I updated my script to your latest version but I seem to be getting an error right off the bat,

    “uncaught exception: Syntax error, unrecognized expression: . Line 0”

    This is all I get in firebug, seems like its somewhere in your js. If I find out where I’ll let you know but still looking through it.

  2. Well there is something important I did not mention, this version is not completly compatible with the older versions,

    All your inputs need to have ids, it will not validate otherwise.

  3. Ok now I have a real question ­čśŤ

    I am trying to combine this validation with a datepicker script (non-jquery) and the issue I am having is when I choose the date via the datepicker, the validate box still appears until I have clicked back into the text field and then tabbed to the next one. Is there any way I can call and close the validate box after an onchange event?

  4. I see what you mean, for now, the only thing you could do is disable the overall inline validation, but you just persuade me to also add the option do disable inline validation for invidual inputs

  5. Uniacid, if you want give me your email, I just added the feature, but I will not add it on the site before 1.4 with ajax validation beta

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