“Many web applications use image uploaders: image hosting websites, blog publishing applications, social networks, among many others. Such uploaders have limitations: you can’t upload more than one file at a time and you can’t edit the image before sending it. A plugin is the usual workaround for uploading more than one image, and image modifications are usually done on the server side, which can make the editing process more cumbersome.

Firefox 3.6 allows millions of people to take advantage of modern standards, including HTML5.
The image uploader described here shows how a web page should really be considered as an application since it interacts with your Desktop and works offline.”

All the information here.

2 thoughts on “In video: Mozilla show the future of web file uploading

  1. That is amazing! Until now I didn’t really think about how HTML5 could help my site, http://www.apoads.com, but this paints it clearly.

    APO Ads allows users to upload up to 3 photos to their ads. Something like this would be absolutely awesome. Can’t wait for HTML5 to become the standard now… though I’m sure it’s forever away… ;(

  2. What about pasting images mit ctrl-v?
    This would be very neat and helpful.

    I would like to take a screenshot, e.g. with SnagIt and then go to the wizard shown (as in a special webpage) and press ctrl-v (in windows) to upload the screenshot….

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