Brendan Eich is the Javascript language inventor, that’s certainly something good to have on your curriculum!

Brendan invented javascript when he was at Netscape. But how old do you think he is? He isn’t even fifty. The guy works at Mozilla as Chief Technology Officer (I like that title) and is actually 48. I really wonder how it is to go to Mozilla on your first workday and present yourself to your new team:

– So… on what did you work prior to Mozilla?
– Well you know, I invented javascript, the language half your team workings with or on,┬áno big deal.

Anyway, just wanted to share my amazement of the day, Brendan explains a bit more on how JavaScript is born in his blog here:

One thought on “Do you know who is Brendan Eich?

  1. LOL, yeah that would be funny to have somebody ask you what you know about a technology and to reply that you invented it.

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