Sometimes there are projects that are just way cooler than yours. In this spirit, I wanted to highlights some projects that just flabbergast me. I tried to put more down to earth projects than just “experimental stuff”.


Vanthia is just a browser MMO based on Mootools and Python. The creator worked on it for years and it shows. The UI is great, the game itself looks great, it use canvas and various HTML5 apis. If you are trying to do an MMO javascript based games, I suggest you have a good look at it.

The video is a bit old, it changed quite a bit.

Aves game engine

Aves is a javascript game engine that got an isometric level editor. oh yes, it also got real time features.

Mozilla Hacks HTML5 image editor

This one is more of a technical demo, but anyway, can you ask more than drag and dropping files directly to your browser, saving them offline and synchronize them later? It really show what kind of user interaction we will be able to do with HTML5.

Jilion HTML5 video player

This HTML5 video player has nothing to envy to any flash video player.

Quake 2 engine to HTML5

When 3 googlers decide to port Quake 2 to your browser you can get surprising results. Oh and did I told you it got multiplayer using HTML5 web sockets? it also use localstorage, and html5 audio.

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