I neglected quite a bit my blog for some times now .. After 3 years of doing this I feel like I have less and less to say about web development. Well not that it happens to every blogs of course :P. I still have some stuff for you guys, but I feel my time doing one article a week is gone.

Confoo conference

This year I am trying to do a talk at the Confoo conference, basically it’s an introduction course at code organization with jQuery, called jQuery Spaghetti. It’s probably not for most of you guys and I know it has been done in other js conferences, but I feel like Confoo will have quite a bit of ‘hobby’ jQuery devs since it’s really a diverse conference about all web technologies (hoo and it is also in french). Still, if you like the idea and you’re in Montreal, I could use a vote or 2 for my talk. (You can downvote too, any feedback is appreciate!)

Self-publishing a book

Did you know that anyone can learn how to publish a book, write a book and self-publish it these days? and I am not talking about doing a pdf, I’m talking about a paperback book available from amazon. This is what lulu.com and createspace.com are offering. It does all the hard work for you (well beside writing the book of course).

It’s quite impressive to upload a pdf and have a paperback available from online stores, and even physical book stores with lulu.

A book on css, really?

Yup, I am writing a book about html and css templating, this has been done 30 times you might say, but I really think the approach I am taking has not been that used. In this book I am not talking about HTML5, CSS3, grids, etc. I am talking about doing templating efficiently on deadlines with a cross-browsers angle.

The book will walk you through 2 examples (a website homepage and an email), and explain you the problems you will encounter along the way. I’m already 80% done with the writing, but doing image assets takes quite a bit of times.

A book looking professional

Obviously if you are authoring a book, you want it to look professional. Unfortunatly most of us are not designers. Fortunately there is a couple of inDesign book template available, I even found one free, and its a really nice book template.

5 thoughts on “Authoring a css book and what is next

  1. Thanks 😛

    Yea, not comfortable talking one hour in english, plus if I’m taken that will be my first real talk (beside 15 minutes at montrealJS)

  2. Good luck with the book, Cedric. I’m a big believer in writing and would love to publish my own novel one day, either fictional fun or something related to the web. Feel free to send us through a review copy of your book if you fancy when you’re done 😉

  3. Nice post ! Very interesting.
    I’m currently writing & finishing a book in french about Sencha Touch’ framework with a co-worker for an editor, i probably will write another one on Titanium, and i didn’t know it was so simple to self-publish.

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