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Inker, transactional & marketing email development workflow evolved

by Cedric Dugas on February 10, 2015

tl:dr Download | Documentation

Any front-end dev will tell you that email template integration is one of the worst part of their job. It is often a task given to interns or to one of those cheap third party companies, & for…

Launching a new product, Genius Bargain, helping you shopping online

by admin on September 24, 2013

The chrome web store is a really a weird place, it’s a bunch of bundled html5 apps, homepage buttosn that goes to some website & chrome extensions that puts buttons in your toolbar. The first time I had a look at…

iPresent, mobile mockups presenter

by admin on May 5, 2013

At CakeMail we are ramping up our mobile effort with a new mobile web app, recently we hit a milestone & completed most of the interface design. It got me wondering what could be the best way to get my coworkers…

Data mining user behaviors in web apps

by Cedric Dugas on March 6, 2013

tl;dr I got a jquery plugin that track agitated user behaviors.

Do you currently track user behaviours? Most people would say yes, if you have google analytics installed you do track behaviors, at least a form of it. But do you… UX overview, why and how to fix it

by Cedric Dugas on July 11, 2012

There are some things in this world you have no choice to live with, for us Quebec citizens, the SAQ is one of them. You see, in Quebec selling alcohol is illegal, only our government can do that. As you…

Creating a CSS3D hovering state with fallback for older browsers

by Cedric Dugas on July 13, 2011

HTML5 & CSS3 are a big sugar rush in the front-end community currently, you can see those nice CSS3 buttons popping everywhere around the web. For one project I am working on I wanted to use a nice 3d flip…

Handling javascript errors on production websites

by Cedric Dugas on March 30, 2011

Handling javascript errors as always been sort of a problem for me. Testing every combination possible in a big application is hard, and there is always a chance you will miss something.

Of course, we should always strive to make an…

Form validation engine 2.0 is live

by Cedric Dugas on January 17, 2011

As said previously a rewrite of the validation engine has been in the work for sometimes and today it is finally live, the API changed a lot, might be a good idea to have a look at the new documentation…

stackJS, a javascript module loader and dependencies handler

by Cedric Dugas on December 3, 2010

Writing good and maintainable javascript is hard, especially when your first javascript framework was jQuery. Couples of years ago, you could be ok using document.ready for implementing your minimal features. Now not so much, web application use more and more…

Managing string localization in javascript files

by Cedric Dugas on November 11, 2010

One thing that is really frustrating to deal with is localization. There is nothing funny about localizing text from your application. But this is a necessary step when you want to go for very a broad market in multiple languages.…