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A call to all web developers, launching a twitter campaign to force webkit to implement a position fixed in mobile webkit

by admin on March 20, 2010

Hey guys,

I need YOU for 2 minutes,

Some of you guys might not know that it is impossible to have a fixed toolbar in mobile webkit, this is because we can’t fix anything to the gridview webkit produce.

This is something…

The mobile webkit fixed position problem

by Cedric Dugas on February 22, 2010

If there is one thing you will be missing while developing your mobile web application for Webkit, it is the CSS fixed position. You cannot effectively fix an element on the iPhone, and mobile device are no powerhouse to emulate…

jQTouch HTML5 database api extension

by Cedric Dugas on December 22, 2009

If you want to dive in mobile website and you are a good jQuery developer, you will love jQTouch. It’s one of the best mobile web framework out there.

However, one thing I found it was missing, was some database…

Google invest in mobile advertisement with AdMob

by Cedric Dugas on November 9, 2009

Google recently acquired AdMob, a pioneer company into mobile advertisement. Given the Google position on advertising (leader..) it is not to be surprise they bought a rising star in mobile advertisement. For me, mobile advertisement is really a big hassle.…

Position Absolute goes mobile, and a small introduction to jQtouch

by Cedric Dugas on October 26, 2009

What a better way of testing the jQtouch beta that by creating a mobile version of Position Absolute. You can test it out with safari at this address, or just tap in your iPhone.

What can I say, I am stunned…

Prettymobile, framework for Iphone friendly website

by Cedric Dugas on August 27, 2009

One of my friend recently launched a really cool framework that makes it easy to create Safari mobile friendly website. Unfortunately it is only compatible with Safari mobile, but this is cool nonetheless.

“prettyMobile is an iPhone/iTouch website development toolkit. It…

IntoMobile interview Opera CEO

by Cedric Dugas on August 6, 2009

Want to hear more about where Opera is heading? Well this video is for you.

Opera Mobile 9.7 in beta

by Cedric Dugas on June 8, 2009

Before the relatively recent introduction of Safari to mobile, there were only one big giant at mobile web browsing, Opera. They are now launching beta for Opera Mobile 9.7 which comes with new features:

# Opera Turbo: Advanced compression technology to speed…

State of the Mobile Web Report

by Cedric Dugas on May 27, 2009

The mobile web is quite new, and it is starting to become a great niche. We see more and more smartphones and before 5 years I’m pretty sure most cellphone users will have some data plans with their phones. From…