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Another year in review

by Cedric Dugas on December 17, 2012

Each year I try to do a small review of what has been going on in my dev life, but first I wanted to get out a couple of articles I written a long time ago that I particularly found…

Html5 drag’n drop file upload, shenanigans used only by developers?

by Cedric Dugas on December 17, 2012

Uploading files has been done since the ice age of web development. In fact uploading a file using Html4 and an iFrame is pretty easy and does not even require a page refresh and about 0 line of code on…

Tips for getting started with Vagrant, dev environments evolved

by Cedric Dugas on October 21, 2012

I have been using xampp for my local lamp stack for ages. It works well, but that’s definitely nothing like my live production server. Enter Vagrant, “easily” reproducible dev stacks.

Wouldn’t it be perfect if you could just give a recipe…

Simple build script to minify and concatenate files using node.js

by Cedric Dugas on October 11, 2012

When you look to choose for a build system, you are certainly not confronted with a lack of choices. There is a ton of build technics out there and choosing one can easily become a long mission for greatness.

In my quest…

The road to mobile web application development

by Cedric Dugas on September 4, 2012

It seems every web company get to that problem one way or the other. Should you leverage your web expertise and try to simply create a mobile web app or go completely native? Since I am currently coding a web… UX overview, why and how to fix it

by Cedric Dugas on July 11, 2012

There are some things in this world you have no choice to live with, for us Quebec citizens, the SAQ is one of them. You see, in Quebec selling alcohol is illegal, only our government can do that. As you…

Being a short burst coding guy

by Cedric Dugas on June 12, 2012

One thing that is starting to be clear as I evolve into web programming is that I have a lot of problems with personal projects that take more than 3 months from start to “finish”.

My GoDaddy account could tell you…

WeddingDeck, 3 months after

by Cedric Dugas on May 10, 2012

Here we are 3 months after I launched my mvp, let’s start with the good news, I currently got more than 1700 users. Really cool if you think I am doing marketing just by myself.

If you followed last posts you…

Automatic Release Notes using GitHub Milestones

by Cedric Dugas on March 20, 2012

Let’s face it, writing release notes is painful. This plugin aims to takes the hard work out, it connects directly with your GitHub repository and mashes up some release notes for you using your milestones, issues and comments. It comes…

One week after the WeddingDeck launch

by Cedric Dugas on February 13, 2012

One week ago I launched my first product, Weddingdeck, an online whitelabel wedding planner. I only tried to make noise in the tech community as this is a MVP and it was quite a small launch. I felt I needed a…