Where front-end web development will be in 5 years?

by Cedric Dugas on March 30, 2009

Like most people, the end of the year makes me think about the future. Some make goals for the new year, like losing 5 pounds (yeah I made that one too..) or learning new software tools. I wanted to take the time to think about where the front-end development will be in 5 years, 2014.

Mobile web development will grow, a lot.

Mobile platforms are moving very fast, with the iphone and android, we will see a lot of mobile development in the near future, and internet on your smartphone will become cheap. There will be more and more mobile template for large scale websites. Front-end developers will have to adapt and make css template for mobile phones.

Internet Explorer will lose ground, big time.

This one is more on my wishlist than a prediction. Still, with Google promoting Chrome and the rise of Macintosh computers, I see internet Explorer 8 and 9 at about 40% overall. IE6 will be a vague hating souvenir, and IE7 will be dead in the water as people with IE7 actually upgrade their Windows (thank you guys)..

By comparison most of my client websites IE share are at about 65%. This blog get a 10% IE share on 33k visitors for 6 months YAY!

Everyone will be using a JavaScript library

Jquery received a lot of attention for sometime now. Good for me as this is my preferred choice. Who knows in 5 years what will happen with JavaScript libraries, I really don’t feel like learning 4 of these things.

HTML5 and CSS3 development will began.

With IE9, we will begin coding websites for mass market with HTML5 and CSS3.Five years, quite depressing, and I’m a bit optimistic…

Front-enders will still have jobs.

It always difficult to see if your job is gonna be cut with time passing by. I think front-end is here to stay, there will always be more templates, and more websites redesign.

What about me?

In 5 years I would like to work as a Information web architect and/or a UI web designer.As for the year to come and this blog, I got 3 js project in development, a new inline form validation using CSS3, a pixel perfect development tool and a product viewer effect like Zazzle got. The product viewer is already far into development, unfortunately I have some problems with the math behind it, and it could take some time before I can achieve the result I want.

What do you think front-end development will be in 5 years?


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