Yup! CakeMail is hiring, we want to grow our engineering team a bit, and as such we got 2 new positions open. We are looking for 1 front-end dev working with me & 1 back-end dev.

In this exciting mindset, CakeMail will be sponsoring js-montreal next tuesday
(August 13).

There will be free beers + pizza & the doors will exceptionally open at 6. The show starts at 7 so that will give us plenty of time to talk with you guys about our perks, team, see our offices, know what technology we use & etc. We will also do a small presentation about the company & the challenges we are facing everyday.

Want to see the team? Head to our Coderwall page where we have a very good summary of our perks & engineering mindset.

You can of course also ping me up for more informations.