We always look for new ways to render image galleries, there’s probably more plugs-in for images galleries than anything else. While this script might not have the most beautiful effect out there or be the most advanced, when I need something reliable, slick and that can be used in any website, it does the job.

What it does

This script will create a slideshow with a predefined list of items aligned vertically or horizontally. When you get at the slideshow end, it loops from the beginning. You can have an unlimited number of slideshow per page. It might be a bit more complex to get it to work than my other scripts but the design is easily modifiable by CSS.

View demo

How it works

*Step 1: Link my scripts and my CSS in the head of your document.

*Step 2: Prepare your items with my HTML structure.

*step 3: to change the padding between the elements, in the script: slider.jquery.js, change the line padding = 0 (no px, only numerical).

*Step 4: Define if you want it horizontal or vertical, default is horizontal, to get the vertical animation, find the div with the slider class and add the id animVertical .

And you are done! You can use or modify this script for whatever you see fit, just leave my script comments as credits.

Download the source code
Learn more about jqueryView demo

It take time to maintain these javascript snippets, if you like and use the work up here, please consider buying me a beer, it’s cheap and a simple way to give back!

5 thoughts on “Not another images gallery script??

  1. great, simply and effective !
    if you can add the feature “autoplay” it’s gonna be wonderful! ­čÖé

    thanks for share as always

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