The last 2 weeks have been very busy, but I still took time to write this little entry. As developers we all have to code javascript snippets, but most of the time, chances are, someone has already done this script. And chances are, he did it better.

Using javascript snippets can really be a timesaver, here are some websites than can help you create a really good javascript components library.

This site is delightful, you want something, it has it. Image galleries, ajax form, form validators, etc. All scripts are written for every popular library like mootool and jquery. The scripts are handpicked and the quality is there. I don’t think you’ll find a poorly written script. My scripts never got in this site actually !

A newcomer from the people. This website is similar to ajaxrain, a little easier for scripts to get in, but you got a vote feature to determine if the script is good or not and it got good search options. There is a lot of ressources on this site, and it’s likely you’ll find what you’re looking for. In fact you may find cool things you’re not even looking for!

From what I know, it is one of the oldest good snippets library. Not updated often, and no search options but there is some jewels if you take time to digg it.

Perhaps a lesser known website but there’s some good examples. Unfortunately there’s no search by library like jquery. Which makes it a bit tedious to find what you want.

Not a snippet library, but oh God, you want to follow this website. If know everything that is coming in the future for HTML5 and javascript. They have a podcast once a week about big topics and have guests from W3C, Adobe, Silverlight and etc. They also post examples of early implimentation of HTML5 features, about cool goodies, greats applications and others. If you have one site you want to follow, it’s this one.

Stephane Caron blog

A friend of mine. He got some really good scripts, it is worth checking out if you want a jquery lightbox or popin.